2017 marked the debut of the panel Trends Brasil Conference HOMAGE built to honor people that during their career, delivered an invaluable contribution and made the difference in the Brazilian music industry. Valuing history and its characters means recognizing yourself in the present to better build the future. For that, the music industry is forever grateful!

André Midani


ANDRÉ MIDANI (1932 – 2019)

Born in Siria, arrives in Brazil in 1955 for a brilliant career, that would transform the Brazilian phonographic industry forever. Midani played a key part in the musical movements of Bossa-Nova, Tropicalia and Rock BR from the 80s, having contributed to the career development of numerous Brazilian artists from many generations. He was a strong man from the industry for 5 decades. His story is eternalized in the autobiographical book “From Vinil to Download” released in 2008 and revised for a new launch in 2015.