2017 marked the debut of the panel Trends Brasil Conference HOMAGE built to honor people that during their career, delivered an invaluable contribution and made the difference in the Brazilian music industry. Valuing history and its characters means recognizing yourself in the present to better build the future. For that, the music industry is forever grateful!

Glória Braga



Lawyer, graduated from UERJ and postgraduate in Business Management from PUC-RJ. She was an advisor to the National Copyright Council (CNDA) of the Ministry of Culture. She was executive superintendent of the Central Collection and Distribution Office (Ecad) for more than two decades and a professor of copyright at AVM (Instead of Mestre / Cândido Mendes) and the MBA of Entertainment Law at UERJ. She is a member of the Intellectual Property Commission of the Brazilian Lawyers Association (IAB / RJ) and the Copyright Committee of the Brazilian Lawyers Order (OAB / RJ). She has given lectures on the subject in several master degree courses and seminars in Brazil and abroad.