2017 marked the debut of the panel Trends Brasil Conference HOMAGE built to honor people that during their career, delivered an invaluable contribution and made the difference in the Brazilian music industry. Valuing history and its characters means recognizing yourself in the present to better build the future. For that, the music industry is forever grateful!

Sérgio de Carvalho


SÉRGIO DE CARVALHO (1949 – 2019)

Sergio de Carvalho's professional life blurs boundaries with the history of Brazilian popular music in the last five decades. His career began in the 1970s when Roberto Menescal invited him to work as an assistant at the Polygram label. Since then, Sergio has had varied missions in the industry, worked as a producer, musical director of TV shows, businessman and artistic director of major labels and major publishers. Sergio had a privileged memory and his stories are linked to the main events in the market. He received dozens of gold and platinum records, as well as a Grammy Award.